Unfortunately, we will not be able to open the pool this year. The overwhelming majority of our membership base was uncomfortable with the risks associated with COVID-19 and so we were not financially able to make it work.


Please download our FULL LIST OF RULES. Below is an abbreviated list of rules which cover some often encountered situations.

  • When using the club facilities, all members and their guests must conduct themselves in a courteous manner to ensure safety for all. No abusive language or boisterous behavior will be tolerated. Pool users must obey the lifeguards and/or pool management at all times. Members are responsible for the registration, identification, and conduct of themselves and their guests. Please register every time you visit the pool.
  • Guests: Members are allowed up to four guests, and no guest may attend more than 4 times per year. Having more than four guests constitutes a “party” and will require that you follow the party request process. There are Wake County regulations on the ratio of swimmers-to-guards that we must follow, and the party request process helps us plan for larger than normal numbers of swimmers.
  • Pets: Wake County health code requires that pets and other animals not be allowed to enter fenced pool area.
  • Swimmers/waders who are not potty-trained must wear swim diapers and tight fitting rubber/plastic pants.  Disposable diapers often fail, regardless of what the label may say, and are not a substitute for swim diapers and plastic pants.
  • Smoking/tobacco/nicotine products, including e-cigarettes, are strictly prohibited everywhere on the property.
  • Beverages are only allowed on the pool deck in cans, paper, or plastic containers. Food and/or beverages are not allowed in or near the pool at any time. Glass containers of any kind are not allowed on the property. Please drink responsibly. Since this is a family environment, it is preferred that you use a koozie to keep alcoholic beverages discreet. The use of kegs or any other cooler type containers containing alcoholic beverages is prohibited. State and local laws regarding the consumption of alcohol must be observed. The lifeguards have the authority to ask any person/s that appear to be impaired or are being disruptive to leave the property and are authorized to call the Fuquay-Varina police to have the impaired/disruptive persons removed from the property. All infractions will be reported to the management for possible further action.

Unscheduled Closings

Unscheduled closings do happen occasionally. Below are the guidelines that are followed:

  • Equipment failures or water imbalance may sometimes occur and chemicals may deviate outside of acceptable limits. When this happens, our management company will respond and reopen the pool as soon as possible.
  • Thunder & Lightning – If thunder is heard or lighting seen, members will be asked to get out of the water for 30 minutes. Each time thunder is heard or lightning seen the 30-minute count will begin again. If severe weather persists past 6:00 p.m. with no indication of clearing, the pool may remain closed for the rest of the day.
  • Contamination – The Health Department requires that the Pool Manager shut down and treat the pool for up to 24 hours every time there is vomit or fecal contamination in the water. When this happens, it is inconvenient for all pool members. To avoid this, Sippihaw Swim Club requires that:
    • Swimmers/waders who are not potty-trained must wear swim diapers and tight fitting rubber/plastic pants. Disposable swim diapers often fail regardless of what the label may say, and are not a substitute for swim diapers and plastic pants.  The club will try to keep a few of these available for purchase if you or a guest forgets to bring them, but availability is not assured.
    • The best way to avoid an accident is to make frequent trips to the restroom and to check for soiled diapers often. You know your child better than anyone else, so look for signs. Check them frequently while they are in the water and give them a thorough check when they are out of the water during the hourly break.